JC Rohner's Little Collection of Guitars My Actual and Past Guitars
X = No longer in my possession

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Alabama front (X) Alabama back (X) Animal front Animal back
Casio Synthesizer front (X) Casio Synthesizer back (X) Chaser Resonator front Chaser Resonator back
Dan Armstrong
(Ampeg USA) front
Dan Armstrong
(Ampeg USA) back
Dobro D33 (1980) front Dobro D33 (1980) back
Epiphone Ultra I front Epiphone Ultra I back Epiphone
Flying V
Flying V
Fender Stratocaster (Mexico) front (X) Fender Stratocaster (Mexico) back (X) Fender Telecaster (USA) front Fender Telecaster (USA) back
Framus Jazzguitar (X) My First Guitar (X) Gibson Explorer Gibson Explorer (Schaller locking tuners)
Gibson Firebird Gibson Firebird Banjotuners Harley Benton HB 2000 (X) Harley Benton HB 2000 (X)
Harley Benton Resonator front (X) Hoyer 61 Custom front Hoyer 61 Custom Ibanez Destroyer II front (X)
Ibanez Destroyer II back (X) Ibanez SR1605 Pro front Ibanez SR1605 Pro back Italian? No:
Teisco WG-4L 1964.jpg (X)
Johnson Tricone front Johnson Tricone back Kimaxe front Kimaxe back
Mansion Resonator Bass front (X) Mansion Resonator Bass back (X) Peavey T41 front Peavey T41 back
Republic Resonator Tele front Republic Resonator Tele Detail Santana Western front Santana Western back
Tune Maniac front Tune Maniac back Vision front Vision back
Washburn Bass Acoustic front Washburn Bass Acoustic back Washburn Prairie Song Custom front Washburn Prairie Song Custom back
Washburn Tele Acoustic front Washburn Tele Acoustic back WestonePanthera front WestonePanthera back